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1. the action of marking with a branding iron.

2. the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.

2A Engraving


This laser engraving company specializes in custom engravings on firearms, knives, and other equipment. The client requested a red logo that conveyed 2A as well as laser.

Lisa Mistry Ghatala


This client went from marketing executive to teaching Ayurveda. She wanted an organic logo that represented all the aspects of her teachings.

Cedric Abello Realty


Realtor requested a black and gold logo to represent him as an up and coming realtor in the Danville, California area.

Caybal Electric


Contractors are well sought after in the Surprise Valley area of Modoc County, California. This electrical contractor wanted a logo that conveyed his trade as well as his love for disc golf.

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