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Video Gallery

This is a small sample of the videos we have produced.
Please visit our social media video sites for more.

Video Media Demo Reel

Watch our demo reel of different filming styles and animation.

2D Animation Demo Reel

Cost-effective, fun, branded 2D animations can be the perfect way to convey your message. Check out a small sample of some of the 2D animations we have produced.

IPG Sustainable Shelters

Our client creates structures for live-fire exercises. We sent a film crew to an active training facility to acquire footage. Along with footage provided from another base, we created a marketing piece for IPG to use during their meetings with potential buyers.

Contentstack Event Highlights Reel

When you have an event, you don't want to have to worry about capturing the moments when you're busy living them. Along with event photography, we can also provide an events highlights reel. We proudly offer this reel to you near the end of your event so that attendees can see a fun recap!

Western Digital E8 Testimonial

When our client's clients want to give props, we work with all parties to ensure we provide a highly-value marketing asset.

Product/Capabilities Demo Reel

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many is a video worth? Understanding tech is made easier with demonstration. Your product manager can shine with his explanation of your business' offerings via light board. Check out this demo reel.

3D Animation Demo Reel

3D animation can tell your story, share your journey, or showcase your product in a cool and informative way. Take a look at a small sample of the 3D animations we've completed for clients.

Trend Micro Cares Cyber Academy

Trend Micro Cares is a non-profit division that runs a campaign promoting internet safety to children. With over 15+ videos with multiple translations, gamification, worksheets, and infographics, Trilogy has partnered with Trend Micro Cares to provide engaging and informative content.

Stellus Show Opener

Whether it's a company launch, annual kick off, or products announcement, hype and engage your audience with a show opener that will leave them hungry for more. Below is just one of many we have produced. We will work with you to write, storyboard, and produce a killer show opener.

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